The Watchlist Festival w/ Longacre Lea @ CUA's Callan Theatre

Longacre Lea presents The Watchlist Festival, a two-week celebration of collaboration and community in theater, film, and visual arts. I’ve spent the month of June with a phenomenal ensemble of actors in residence with Longacre Lea at Catholic University of America’s Callan Theatre, workshopping two plays and shooting two short films. Each of these pieces, and more, will be showcased throughout this festival. To reserve tickets or to learn more about Longacre Lea, click here.

Richard(s) II. June 24th at 7:30pm & July 1st at 7:30pm. Directed by Kathleen Akerley. Our response to “EDI” trends in casting. Using Shakespeare’s Richard II we engage in a frank examination of how lines, scenes, characters, and character relationships are altered when the casting is altered, working as a group to create a responsible model for representation. The audience can choose to witness the work or actively participate in the discussion and casting choices.

Punching People You Never Met. June 30th at 2:00pm & July 2nd at 7:30pm. Written by Kathleen Akerley and directed by Solomon HaileSelassie. A workshop of a new comedy about call-out culture and the standards to which we hold everyone except ourselves. Sean is trying to create the next generation of superhero shows but has to contend with a bickering writing staff, a lead actor who hallucinates that Twitter is stalking him, a brother who claims to be the leader of the Lizard People, and the sheer number of Americans it’s possible to offend in one 42-minute episode of television.

Short Films Screening. July 6th at 7:30pm. A one-night-only screening of several short films including The Infection, a study of how toxic political discourse has seeped into everyday conversation, written and directed by Séamus Miller; and The Doors of Impression, a whimsical look into how we cross paths with strangers, written and directed by Kathleen Akerley.