Cohort 4 w/ Inkubator On Air Podcast

Inkubator On Air, the podcast series from Inkubator New Works Development Laboratory, has invited me to partake as an actor in their fourth cohort. This marks my second collaboration with Inkubator following last fall’s reading of Bridget Grace Sheaff’s Pilate’s Wife. Designed to develop the “top ten” of new plays, director TP Huth consults with playwrights from each cohort to fully dissect the first ten minutes of their plays, ensuring the best “hook” possible. After these discussions, each is recorded with a cast of professional actors and, along with a brief interview and some feedback, published for the general public, for the playwrights to share as they see fit. To learn more about Inkubator, click on the image below. To tune into published episodes, click here. Plays from Cohort Four include:

  • Our Ouija Board, the Games We Played, the Shit We Conjured, & the Dead Dude We Hate-Fucked by Haygen-Brice Walker: reading stage directions

  • Fear and Wonder by Jason Tseng: reading for Jabez’s Dad

  • Souls Spent by Olivia Haller: reading for Jim

  • Remix by Melissa Bell: reading for Jay

  • Making Time: The Travels of E.H. Legberg by Lily Kerrigan and Matthew Marcus

  • Amma’s Messenger by Alexis M. Skinner