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REVIEW Metro Weekly - “Joining the magic serpents up in the clouds are on-point supporting players Dylan Arredondo and Andrew Quilpa, who float in and out essaying various characters.”

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Reykjavik - Rorschach Theatre

REVIEW DC Theatre Scene - “Dylan Arredondo shows off range and discipline from catty power bottom to roughneck threat in looks that beg for larger roles on DC stages in the future.”

REVIEW BroadwayWorld - “Dylan Arredondo is the most relatable for the audience, bringing a sense of vulnerability and accessibility to each of his characters.”

REVIEW DC Metro Theater Arts - “That scene between bird-watched lovers as played by Arredondo and Robert Bowen Smith is mindblowing. They think they know each other until they find out they don’t.”

REVIEW Metro Weekly - “Arredondo, on the other hand, locates a different voice and center of gravity for each of his characters, including Robert and another who’s legitimately frightening. His performance might actually persuade some in the audience into believing they’re seeing two different actors from scene to scene.”

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The Interstellar Ghost Hour - Longacre Lea

REVIEW DC Theatre Scene - “…Dylan Arredondo drips pro acting chops in varied roles. You’ll see [him] flaunt larger roles on bigger stages in no time if there’s any justice in the theater world.”

REVIEW BroadwayWorld - “And Dylan Arredondo is nothing if not versatile, moving from the reality show cook to nervous real estate salesman to a paramour trying to do everything right.”

REVIEW DC Metro Theater Arts - “charmingly comical”

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The Beacons - INTAR

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Bangerz & Mash - Brunch Theatre

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The Merchant of Venice - Hamlet Isn't Dead

INTERVIEW  Struts & Frets: Interviews with the Cast & Crew of Merchant of Venice - Dylan Arredondo

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REVIEW  A Work Unfinishing - My 16: 2016's Top Theatrical Experiences

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Love, Chekhov, & the Magic Trunk - F2T's Company

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How to Succeed in Business... - Super Summer Theatre

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