The Maids @ PHTS/NYU

I am thrilled to be playing Claire in a production of The Maids by Jean Genet, in a translation by Benedict Andrews & Andrew Upton. Produced by NYU Tisch's Playwrights Horizons Theater School, director Benny Pitt's queer envisioning of the piece will play in the White Box at 440 Lafayette, on the third floor. Reserve tickets here.

April 20 @ 9pm. April 21 @ 9pm. April 22 @ 1:30pm. April 22 @ 8:15pm.

"We're in the shit now -- arms deep -- but we're rising up, taking shape and rising up. We become real in the shit."

Dress-Up is a sacred ritual for Claire and Solange. When their mistress is away they sneak into her rooms and pretend to be her, they posture and strut to see through her pretty-picture world, and then they kill her. (But not really, it's only a game.) But what happens when playing isn't enough to survive on anymore?