BFA Thesis Readings @ NYU/DDW with The Bats

I'm very excited to be participating in the Department of Dramatic Writing's BFA Thesis Readings at NYU Tisch, in conjunction with the Bats at the Flea Theater. I will be reading for:

     DEDGIRLZ in Apocalyparty V by Bria Smith, directed by Kimille Howard;

     Victor in Add Nauseum by Maria Corrales, directed by Marina McClure;

     Batista in American Quality by Christian Mendonca, directed by Marina McClure;

     Jerry in Believeland by Hannah Leach, directed by Kristan Seemel.

Excerpts from Apocalyparty V, Add Nauseum, and American Quality will be shared on Wednesday, May 3rd. An excerpt from Believeland will be shared on Friday, May 5th. Each evening of readings lasts from 7pm to 9pm in the Goldberg Theater, on the 7th floor of NYU Tisch's 721 Broadway.