By Sea w/ Cohesion Theatre Company

I will be joining the cast of Laura Fuentes’ new play By Sea in the Cornelius / Player King track. The staged reading, directed by Dani Turner, will be the culmination of her Playwrights Fellowship with Cohesion Theatre Company. Performances will take place at 7pm, Saturday, September 14th, and at 2pm, Sunday, September 15th. The venue will be Baltimore Shakespeare Factory’s space at 3900 Roland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211. Purchase pay-what-you-can tickets here. Learn more about Cohesion here.

Amanda, the steadfast captain of the humble ship Forthright in medieval Elsinore, is trying to keep her business afloat. She must navigate her teenage daughter’s wrath, reluctant noble passengers, rowdy actors, and her unnamed feelings for her first mate all while a certain something is rotting in the state of Denmark.