CityVision Teacher @ the National Building Museum

I have been hired to lead teach the CityVision program at the National Building Museum, beginning in spring 2019 and continuing twice a semester thenceforward. Through this program, I will be teaching introductions to design, architecture, and urban planning to middle school students.

CityVision uses design as a framework to teach DC public middle school students how to investigate the built world and value their role in shaping it for the future. Up to 25 students are selected from each school and meet for a full school day once a week for 6 weeks; two sessions run one after the other each semester. Students learn the basic elements of the design process and work in studio teams to explore design challenges and collect information about the city. They work in groups to develop creative solutions to challenges they observe and produce drawings and other visual support for their designs. The program culminates in a final presentation when students present and defend their work with design professionals.

To learn more about CityVision, or how to apply for a partnership with your school, click here.