Adam the Creator @ the Embassy of the Czech Republic

Theatre artists Pete Danelski and Megan Diehl will present a reading of Adam the Creator by Karel & Josef Čapek at the Embassy of the Czech Republic on Thursday, March 14, 2019, at 6pm. I will be reading for Miles, AE 1, Messenger, & Student. To reserve a seat for the reading, click here. To contribute to the future development of this project, click on the image below.

First written in Czech in 1928, and translated into English only once in 1931, Adam the Creator has spent a century virtually forgotten in the United States. Embracing the Čapek brothers’ signature social commentary and dark humor, the adaptation renews this often forgotten parable with a uniquely contemporary American voice.

Adam, out of frustration with the corrupt state of humanity, publicly negates all of existence and is then charged with the re-creation of the universe.