Cohort 4 w/ Inkubator On Air Podcast

Inkubator On Air, the podcast series from Inkubator New Works Development Laboratory, has invited me to partake as an actor in their fourth cohort. This marks my second collaboration with Inkubator following last fall’s reading of Bridget Grace Sheaff’s Pilate’s Wife. Designed to develop the “top ten” of new plays, director TP Huth consults with playwrights from each cohort to fully dissect the first ten minutes of their plays, ensuring the best “hook” possible. After these discussions, each is recorded with a cast of professional actors and, along with a brief interview and some feedback, published for the general public, for the playwrights to share as they see fit. To learn more about Inkubator, click on the image below. To tune into published episodes, click here. Plays from Cohort Four include:

  • Our Ouija Board, the Games We Played, the Shit We Conjured, & the Dead Dude We Hate-Fucked by Haygen-Brice Walker: reading stage directions

  • Fear and Wonder by Jason Tseng: reading for Jabez’s Dad

  • Souls Spent by Olivia Haller: reading for Jim

  • Remix by Melissa Bell: reading for Jay

  • Making Time: The Travels of E.H. Legberg by Lily Kerrigan and Matthew Marcus

  • Amma’s Messenger by Alexis M. Skinner

The White Snake @ Constellation Theatre Company

Excited to announce that this spring, I will be joining the ensemble of The White Snake by Mary Zimmerman, directed by Allison Arkell Stockman at Constellation Theatre Company. In addition to the ensemble track, which includes a myriad of characters as our journey forks, I will be understudying Xu Xian and serving as movement captain. With original live music by Tom Teasley & Chao Tian and choreography by Jennifer Hopkins, The White Snake will play the Source Theatre on 14th Street in DC from April 25 through May 26. Purchase tickets here.

Forsaking their lonely mountaintop for just one day, enlightened animal spirits White Snake and Green Snake magically transform into beautiful women in order to experience the human world. There, White Snake meets and falls passionately in love with the humble pharmacist’s assistant Xu Xian, but the secret of her true identity soon comes back to haunt her. Brimming with poetry, humor, and theatrical spectacle, this classic tale will delight and enchant audiences as only Constellation can.

Tigers, Dragons, & Other Wise Tails @ Smithsonian's Discovery Theater

Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! I will be joining the four-actor ensemble of Tigers, Dragons, & Other Wise Tails at the Smithsonian’s Discovery Theater, in the track of Thief/Rich Man/Wise Mole/Jade Emperor. Four fantastical tales from ancient Asia — China, Vietnam, Korea, & Japan — capture us in this DT favorite. This TYA production is catered to audiences ages 5 through 10 (kindergarten to fifth grade). The production runs from May 7 to May 10 with shows at 10:15am and 11:30am daily at Discovery Theater, located in the lower level of the Ripley Center, adjacent to the Smithsonian Castle. Click here to secure your tickets. The show will then continue to tour six schools in DC and southern Maryland through May 21.

Young Playwrights Festival 2019 @ Baltimore Center Stage

After serving as a playwriting teaching artist on behalf of Baltimore Center Stage throughout 2018 and 2019, I am excited to accept a role in the 2019 Young Playwrights Festival performing the winning plays onstage. The event will take place in the Head Theater at Baltimore Center Stage on Friday, April 12, 2019, at 6:30pm. This year’s honorees include:

  • True Beauty by Royale Taylor

  • Delve by Quinn Katz-Zogby & Lia Worth

  • Larry the Elf by Lindsey Brilliant

  • Cast by Emily Tian

  • Tourist Trap by Jake Fischvogt

  • Candy Make Up & Break Up by Mrs. Meyer-Seymour’s 2nd Grade Class

Reserve tickets to the event here. Learn more about the Young Playwrights Festival (YPF) Residency Program by clicking on the image below.

Adam the Creator @ the Embassy of the Czech Republic

Theatre artists Pete Danelski and Megan Diehl will present a reading of Adam the Creator by Karel & Josef Čapek at the Embassy of the Czech Republic on Thursday, March 14, 2019, at 6pm. I will be reading for Miles, AE 1, Messenger, & Student. To reserve a seat for the reading, click here. To contribute to the future development of this project, click on the image below.

First written in Czech in 1928, and translated into English only once in 1931, Adam the Creator has spent a century virtually forgotten in the United States. Embracing the Čapek brothers’ signature social commentary and dark humor, the adaptation renews this often forgotten parable with a uniquely contemporary American voice.

Adam, out of frustration with the corrupt state of humanity, publicly negates all of existence and is then charged with the re-creation of the universe.