Svanda Theatre @ Georgetown University

The prestigious Czech theatre company Svanda Theatre will perform a series of plays from their repertoire at Georgetown University’s Davis Performing Arts Center from September 20-23, 2018. I will serve as assistant production manager and as an American liaison to the traveling troupe throughout and in preparation for the residency. Featured plays include The Good and the True, Pankrác ‘45, Protest, and The Debt. For tickets click here. For more information on Svanda Theatre, click here.

A remarkable piece of verbatim theatre, The Good and the True weaves together testimonies of two Auschwitz survivors who led similarly extraordinary lives, but never actually met: athletes Miloš Dobry and actress Hana Pravda.

What happens when two writers meet — one who is not allowed to write and the other who writes whatever he wants? What if the first one has a surprising proposal for the second one? And what if the two of them meet years later when they can write freely but it is not working? Václav Havel’s dialogue is confronted with the dramatic attempt of a debuting author in Protest / The Debt.

Based on the real-life incarceration of five women in the Pankrác Prison during a time of post-WWII national cleansing in Czechoslovakia, Pankrác ‘45 explores the relativity of guilt, responsibility for one’s actions, and the struggle to survive within the machinery of history.