The Beacons @ INTAR

I'll be assistant directing Penny Pinball Presents The Beacons by Georgina Escobar, running at INTAR Theatre from June 27th through June 30th, under the direction of J. Julian Christopher. INTAR is located at 500 W. 52nd St., 4th floor. Learn more here. Purchase tickets here.

Penny Pinball Presents The Beacons is an action-packed, heavy-punchin', uber-stylized story following a pinball narrative that re-imagines Manhattan as a Debtors' Prison. Siblings blur the boundaries of game and reality as a mysterious woman calls for a multi-spective approach to storytelling. Loosely inspired by pinball and the 1970s cult classic The Warriors, this femme fiction includes original music by Red Light Cameras and Zechs Marquise.