Reading of The Guilt Mongers @ Repertorio Español

I am thrilled to be participating in a reading of The Guilt Mongers by J. Julian Christopher at Repertorio Español on Monday, June 19, at 6:30pm. The staged reading, in English, will be directed by José Zayas. Repertorio Español is located at 138 E. 27th St., New York, NY 10016. Learn more about Repertorio's programming here.

The Guilt Mongers, or Los Traficantes de Culpa (for those not willing to submit to the anglicization of our people) follows Bruno Santiago, a man estranged from his family. They have never accepted his unapologetic Queerness. When his mother is admitted to hospice in the Bronx, he rushes to her bedside, along with his partner and their new 23-year-old Mexican boyfriend. His aggressively disapproving extended Puerto Rican family is outraged. Fights, tears, and heartbreak abound and the spirit of the Santiago's dying matriarch uses a hospice nurse as a vessel to communicate.