The Interstellar Ghost Hour @ Longacre Lea

I am thrilled to have accepted the role of Chef in Longacre Lea's next production, the world premiere of The Interstellar Ghost Hour by Kathleen Akerley. This will mark my first (stationary) production in the DC/Maryland area, and I couldn't be more excited for it to be this piece. The Helen Hayes-recommended Longacre Lea has been producing professional, absurdist theatre in DC since 1999 while in annual summer residence at the Catholic University of America. The show will run August 16 through September 9, 2018, in CUA's Callan Theatre. Get tickets here. Learn more about Longacre Lea here.

Reading of Bronx Express @ Theater J

I will be playing the Conductor, the First Smith Brother, and puppeteering for a staged reading of Bronx Express by Ossip Dymov, translated by Nahma Sandrow. The reading, taking place at Theater J as the final presentation in their Yiddish Theater Lab series this season, will be directed by Natsu Onoda Power in her signature puppeteering/multimedia crossover style. A discussion with the translator and visiting Yiddish scholar Miriam Isaacs will follow the reading. The event will be on June 18, 2018, at 7:30pm on the Theater J stage at 1529 16th St. NW, in Washington, DC. Find more event information here. To further explore Theater J, click here. (Theater J is currently presenting Trayf by Lindsay Joelle, a piece which I had the pleasure of working on developmentally in March 2017 back in New York!)

Bronx Express tells the story of one working class Yid who dreams of something more. When he falls asleep on a New York subway, he's shocked to meet the characters from the train car's advertisements coming to life. With cameos from Aunt Jemima, the Nestle Baby, and the Arrow Collar Man, this story explores the true costs of the American dream.


National Players Tour 69

I am thrilled to share that I'll be acting, teaching, and traveling with National Players Tour 69 across the country through May 2018. Now in its 69th year, National Players, produced by Olney Theatre Center, tours three shows in repertory with a company of ten artists throughout the U.S. My roles on tour include:

  • Cassio in Shakespeare's Othello, directed by Jason King Jones;
  • Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, adapted by Simon Levy, from the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, directed by Amber McGinnis;
  • Caterpillar and Others in a new, ensemble-driven, multimedia-based version of Alice in Wonderland, directed and adapted by Natsu Onoda Power, from the novel by Lewis Carroll;
  • Stage Manager for Alice in Wonderland;
  • Assistant Master Electrician throughout the tour;
  • Company Manager throughout the tour;
  • Facilitating post-show talkbacks and leading workshops in Text in Context, Stage Combat, Improv, Shakespeare, Voice & Speech, and Movement.

Learn more about National Players here. Meet the company here. Find out information about tour dates and locations here.

The Beacons @ INTAR

I'll be assistant directing Penny Pinball Presents The Beacons by Georgina Escobar, running at INTAR Theatre from June 27th through June 30th, under the direction of J. Julian Christopher. INTAR is located at 500 W. 52nd St., 4th floor. Learn more here. Purchase tickets here.

Penny Pinball Presents The Beacons is an action-packed, heavy-punchin', uber-stylized story following a pinball narrative that re-imagines Manhattan as a Debtors' Prison. Siblings blur the boundaries of game and reality as a mysterious woman calls for a multi-spective approach to storytelling. Loosely inspired by pinball and the 1970s cult classic The Warriors, this femme fiction includes original music by Red Light Cameras and Zechs Marquise.

Reading of The Guilt Mongers @ Repertorio Español

I am thrilled to be participating in a reading of The Guilt Mongers by J. Julian Christopher at Repertorio Español on Monday, June 19, at 6:30pm. The staged reading, in English, will be directed by José Zayas. Repertorio Español is located at 138 E. 27th St., New York, NY 10016. Learn more about Repertorio's programming here.

The Guilt Mongers, or Los Traficantes de Culpa (for those not willing to submit to the anglicization of our people) follows Bruno Santiago, a man estranged from his family. They have never accepted his unapologetic Queerness. When his mother is admitted to hospice in the Bronx, he rushes to her bedside, along with his partner and their new 23-year-old Mexican boyfriend. His aggressively disapproving extended Puerto Rican family is outraged. Fights, tears, and heartbreak abound and the spirit of the Santiago's dying matriarch uses a hospice nurse as a vessel to communicate.